Peace of mind, serenity of body, pleasure of relaxation

Wellness Area

Welcome to our wellness oasis, surrounded by the peace of nature, immersed in a unique and exclusive atmosphere. Each environmemt, furniture, colour, light and sound has been studied with great wisdom, to create a wellness area dedicated to taking care of yourself and your body.

The heart of our wellness center is the vitarium. A highly regenerating and purifying space, characterized by a pleasant embrace of comfortable heat. The benefits are greatly enhanced by the precious essential oils and the type of wood used. Let yourself be enveloped by the beneficial warmth of our sauna, while you admire through the window, the evocative view of the surrounding forest, giving an experience of regeneration to your body and mind.

Wellness treatments

Duration 140 min / € 305 

Le Cattedrali Relais offers an exclusive sensory experience of textures, aromas and massage techniques to deeply cleanse, shape and regenerate body-face and mind. Our specialized team will advise and guide you to create unique personalized experiences, according to the specific needs of the moment. It is a prelude to a path in which smoothing treatments follow one another, stopping inside the wet or dry area according to the need, emotional shower and hydromassage treatmen followed by the application of body masks and natural oils. The skin is bright, stimulated and regenerated and the face relaxed.

Duration 50 min / € 175 – Duration 80 min / € 230 

A moment of extraordinary well-being, enhanced by the combination of exclusive manual techniques for the body and face. The Wellness Team at your disposal uses a combination of techniques, pressures and movements adapted to your preference and needs. The massage aims to relax, relieve muscle tension and improve well-being, offering a unique and personalized treatment.

Duration 50 min / € 175 – Duration 80 min / € 230 

Let yourself be pampered by this sophisticated unique treatment, tailored to improve the natural shine, cell renewal and toning of the face. Facial skin requires daily care. Thanks to the massage in synergy with the precious ingredients contained in the products promotes a visible well-being.

Duration 50 min / € 140 – Duration 80 min / € 190

The massage acts in depth to dissolve stiffness, pain and tension in the muscle fibres. In addition to the physical benefits, it restores a full feeling of well-being and guarantees relief from stress. The use of specific techniques loosens deep muscle contractures, improving circulation, tissue elasticity and joint motility.

Duration 50 min / € 140 – Duration 80 min / € 190 

A massage with deep soothing and relaxing action. The application of oils involves the senses while expert and slow manual skills stimulate the body to abandon tensions. The aroma activates the olfactory system and the limbic system, giving feelings of well-being and tranquility. Improves the mood and gives new energy.

Duration 50 min / € 140

It is a foot manipulation technique that works through massage to stimulate the entire organism. It allows to restore your body’s energy balance. Comfortably relaxed you will be greeted by a small welcome ritual.

Duration 50 min / € 140

A cuddle for the mother, the massage promotes tissue oxygenation and drainage, giving a feeling of lightness to the lower limbs and relaxation of the whole body. Treatment is recommended from the 3rd month of gestation.

Duration 50 min / € 140 – Duration 80 min / € 190

The massage has been designed to act on the imperfections of the body.
It is accompanied by specific manual skills and highly performing cosmetics based on the need for shaping, toning and draining.

Duration 80 min / € 190

Manual lymphatic drainage is a useful technique for improving lymphatic circulation on face and body. The method acts on drainage, the elimination of excess fluids and the relaxation of muscle fibres.

Duration 140 min / € 280

A ritual that combines the principles of Ayurvedic medicine, along with different pressure points in our body, which allow a greater flow of energy in our body balancing mind, body and spirit. The guest is at the center of the treatment. The set of massage techniques, clutches, acupressure body, neck, face and scalp, stimulate the free flow of vital energies. The aim is to infuse a deep nourishment to the face and body, thanks to the active ingredients of Beeswax and Avocado Oil, rebalancing the condition of psychofisico well-being.

Duration 50 min / € 175 

Designed for all expectant or postpartum mothers, to provide immediate relief from leg swelling and the discomfort of the new posture. Thanks to the combination of the brushing technique with natural Tampico bristles, it allows to renew your skin, giving it a luminous appearance and finally a very gentle draining massage. Treatment is recommended from the 3rd trimester of gestation.

Duration 80 min / € 230

The Hot Stone face and body ritual exploits the healing properties of basaltic stones. The warmth of the stones that move carefully with slow and rhythmic movements on your body instill relief and deep well-being. Comfortably relaxed, the treatment begins with a welcome ritual, a foot detoxification, and then continues on the body with the application of hot oil and a sequence of manual movements.

Duration 50 min / € 190 – Duration 80 min / € 215

It is formulated to combat imperfections caused by water retention and to reduce roundness thanks to a high concentration of precious substances which stimulate microcirculation, decongest tissues and tone the irregular appearance of the skin.

Duration 50 min / € 190 – Duration 80 min / € 215

A ritual of moisturizing and soothing action. It involves all 5 senses: the sight as you observe the light of the candle, the smell as you feel the scents of the elements contained in the candle; the touch as you feel the rhythm of the hands sliding on the body during the massage, the hearing as it is essential to have your massage with the right melody, the taste as the skin absorbs the melted butters and hydrates. In addition to the feeling of relaxation, this multi-sensory involvement gives tone and vigour to the body.

Duration 50 min / € 140 – Duration 80 min / € 190

Manual lymphatic drainage is a useful technique for improving lymphatic circulation on your face and body. The method stimulates the drainage, the elimination of excess fluids and the relaxation of muscle fibres.

Duration 80 min / € 240

A precious personalized skincare experience, to deeply cleanse the face. The experience begins with a first phase of detoxification thanks to the precious products, followed by the application of serums, vials, masks and appropriate dexterity according to the skin type, to restore luminosity and cellular renewal.

Duration 50 min / € 215 – Duration 80 min / € 240

Thanks to the cosmetic properties and manual techniques used, the treatment gives a pleasant revitalizing effect. A first phase of detoxification of the face is to prepare it for the products subsequently applied. The facial, cervical and scalp massage offer a deep relaxation. Available for various skin types, thanks to a careful consultation to identify the unique and exclusive treatment.

Duration 50 min / € 215 – Duration 80 min / € 240

The skin is carefully cleansed to prepare it for the application of specific high-performance cosmetic formulas to combat the signs of aging. It deeply nourishes, restoring tone and balance to the skin’s protective barrier. The massage inspired by an ancient oriental technique has a powerful toning, lightening and lifting effect on the muscles.

Duration 50 min / € 230

The skin around the eyes is thin and prone to dehydration. The specific cosmetic treatment for the areas around the eyes, rich in precious substances, improves the entire eye contour, leaving a smooth and radiant appearance.

Duration 50 min / € 215 – Duration 80 min / € 240

The exclusive customized restorative facial treatment includes sequences and techniques chosen according to the special needs of your skin. The sequences allow to moisturize, sculpt and renew the skin.

Duration 50 min / € 215 – Duration 80 min / € 240

Deep hydration treatment. The special manual massage techniques improve circulation for deep nourishment, restoring hydration and tone to the skin by rebalancing the skin barrier.

Duration 40 min / € 60 – With gel nail polish application € 90

The treatment improves the health of the hands and nails.
It includes the application of a sanitizer lotion followed by a pleasant cleansing massage; cutting and/or filing of the nails; removal or push cuticles massage with our moisturizing product and nail polish application.

Duration 50 min / € 80  

A regenerating moment for the well-being care of your hands.

Duration 40 min / € 80 – With gel nail polish application € 110

The pedicure treatment without blades, focuses on the care and well-being of the feet using non-invasive methods. This process involves the application of a sanitizer lotion to continue with the filing of the nails; removal or push cuticles; calluspeeling treatment for thickening and application of nail polish. The path is completed with the application of the specific cream with a complex of vegetal extracts of herbs and alpine plants, including gentian, blueberry and spruce. Also suitable for pregnant women, and/or those soffering from diabetes and hepatitis.

Duration 50 min / € 80  

A regenerating moment for foot wellness care.
8 targeted actions to make your feet unique.


We offer the natural Hair Removal Wax method without strips, for delicate skin, able to eliminate even the shortest hair, while the fat-soluble Hair Removal Wax is suitable for dry and delicate skin with the use of non-woven strips.

– whole leg hair removal     € 70
– upper half leg     € 40
– lower half leg     € 40
– bikini      € 50
– armpits     € 30
– arm     € 50
– eyebrows     € 20
– smile line     € 20
– chest     € 20
– shoulders     € 50
– back     € 70

General information

Our Wellness area keeps these hours:
8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Sunday

Facilities available in our wellness area include: saline steam bath, vitarium, Finnish sauna, ice flake waterfall, experience shower, a relaxation room, two treatment cabins including a couple’s cabin, outdoor pool and whirlpool.
Hair salon on request.

When booking a treatment, we recommend that you arrive at the spa reception 15 min in advance.
Please inform us at the time of booking if you have any special medical restrictions, medication intake or any allergies. We have treatments and products indicated for expectant and postpartum mothers. Our staff will be available to advise you on the treatment course best suited to your needs.

In order to avoid unpleasant mishaps we ask that you respect the treatment schedule.

In case of delay we could not guarantee the scheduled duration or reduce the cost of the treatment.

In order to maintain the excellence of the quality we offer, the management reserves the right to make changes to the price list.

For info and reservations: +39 0141 1858888 |

Any reservation changes or cancellations must be reported at the hotel reception desk no later than two hours before the treatment. Failure to do so or cancellation without notice will be charged 50% of the amount of the reserved treatment.

Our gift certificates are ideal for any occasion.
Please contact the Wellness area at +39 0141 1858888 or

To continue the Wellness experience at home, products used in treatments are available for sale at the front desk.

Hotel guests who would like to reserve their spa time will find a courtesy kit provided in their room.

Please bring your own bathing suit to access the various common areas. Inside the hot – humid areas it will be sufficient to cover yourself with a towel.

For hygiene, it is necessary to place a towel on the benches of the saunas, Turkish bath and indoor and outdoor loungers.

The Wellness Area is an oasis of calm and tranquility; therefore, please respect the serenity of other guests by keeping your tone of voice low and the privacy of guests by avoiding the use of cell phones, photos involving third persons and video cameras.

The spa welcomes all guests 16 years of age and older. Guests under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times, including during treatments.
Access to the saunas and steam bath is not recommended for children under 14 years of age, pregnant women, those with low blood pressure, those with cardio-vascular problems and those with pacemakers

Hotel Le Cattedrali Relais by Laqua Collection, recommends our guests not to bring valuables into the spa. During treatments, it is necessary to remove any accessories in contact with the skin such as watches, earrings i and jewelry.
The center accepts no responsibility for the safekeeping or damage that may be incurred by personal belongings, which must be covered by personal insurance.
Lockers with keys are available to store your personal items.