An impressive collection of memorabilia that celebrates over fifty years of music history, a collection that aims to return sacredness to the physical object and materialize memories. The main part comes from a prestigious collection donated by Massimo Cotto, consisting of 30,000 vinyl records and CDs, thousands of music books, hundreds of memorabilia, photos and objects signed by the greatest Italian and international artists in the music world, of cinema and theatre. Over time, the collection continues to be enriched with items donated by music lovers and art lovers who wish to participate in this exciting and worthy project.

It is like a Noah’s ark of physical media that aims to preserve and hand over to future generations the sacredness of the objects of the past (such as the 45-rpm discs played in jukeboxes) that have changed the lives of many and yet are slowly disappearing, gradually replaced by new technologies. In a context in which musical culture is becoming increasingly digital, The Cathedrals of Art are placed as a bridge between the digital universe, the realm of the immaterial, and the analogue one, guardian of time, the realm of the imperfect and the unpredictable.

During his career, interviewing singers, musicians and artists from the entertainment world, Massimo asked them to create a drawing that he would keep as a reminder of that meeting. These works, performed in a completely spontaneous way, reveal unexpressed sides of the personality of their authors that you rarely have the opportunity to know.

Today the collection counts 160 paintings by 100 musicians ranging from Leonard Cohen to Frank Zappa, from Miles Davis to Janis Joplin, from Laura Pausini to Carmen Consoli. A collection that for over ten years has toured throughout Italy and that finally found its home at The Cathedrals of Art.

The place where art happens

The place where art happens

“Nature is God’s revelation; art is man’s revelation.”

Welcome to The Cathedrals of Art, a place that hosts what you have never seen and where what has never been happens. A new way of experiencing art.

Here “art happens” and takes shape in many different ways, in a suggestive setting that pays tribute to the history of music. A surprising collection of rare and precious memorabilia that traces fifty years of rock music and beyond, donated by Massimo Cotto, journalist, radio host and artistic director of The Cathedrals of Art. A collection in continuous evolution, to which every enthusiast can participate, contributing to increase its prestige over time.

A unique space, dedicated to exploring the infinite possibilities of art through a rich series of events: shows, concerts, photographic exhibitions, book presentations, readings, improvisations, ballets and much more, which will give memorable experiences to all our guests.

The Cathedrals of Art is also an Art Academy: it hosts artist residences where musicians, painters, sculptors, writers and other talents from all over the world can attend workshops and laboratories, as well as a wide range of courses and programs designed to improve your artistic practice.

Some of the world’s most esteemed artists gather here to discuss how art can impact our lives or to explore new ways of living and creating art. An open-air theater is also available at The Cathedrals of Art, whose colorful staircase bears the unmistakable signature of the well-known Swiss-English artist David Tremlett. Here, thousands of people can attend concerts and live shows, under the stars, in a breathtaking setting capable of unleashing a shower of emotions.